Shoulder Nights Activated in Housing Portal
Posted by mikeboozer

You now can request additional nights for your existing reservations. This automated wait list feature will enable users to request room nights on the front and/or back end of their reservation that were unavailable at the time of booking. Nights for which a room is unavailable but eligible for wait list will be denoted by a red exclamation point (!) indicator beside the date. After booking a reservation including one or more wait list nights, the system will monitor inventory availability and automatically add the requested nights as they become available. Upon adding a night, the system will also send the reservation holder a confirmation message indicating the night(s) that have been added. Wait list nights listed in your reservation are not guaranteed.
This feature will not allow you to request new reservations or to modify your hotel and/or room type. Attendees hoping to book new reservations or modify existing reservations to change room types and/or hotels should check availability online periodically. As other guests modify and/or cancel their existing reservations, online inventory will change accordingly in real time.

Mike Boozer
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Posted by marimaccadmin

Just to be crystal clear, as Mike said, there is NO GENERAL HOUSING WAIT LIST.  NONE. 

Posted by bluesky

Thanks for the update! I can see I have a night waitlisted.

Posted by mikepmarkey

I went into the system to modify my reservation by adding Wednesday, but I don't see any way to do that.  There aren't any dates with the wait list button available. Changing the date under "find rooms" only takes me back to verify all my information (guests, billing) and then back to the option to add Wednesday. What am I missing?

Posted by parody

I think the proper steps are:

  1. Click "My Housing" under your name.
  2. Click "View Reservation" next to the appropriate reservation.
  3. Type in the answer to the question.  If you've forgotten, hit Back because all of the information they ask is right there on your account page.
  4. Click Modify.
  5. Click Modify next to Room Information, then Yes to the dialog.
  6. Uncheck "View Available Rooms Only" at the top.  (This will reload the page to show all room types for your hotel.)
  7. Change your Check-In and/or Check-Out date.  (This will also reset your Guests to 1.)
  8. Click Find under "Make A Reservation".
  9. Go back down to your hotel and hit Select.
  10. Find the room type you already have reserved and see what's available.  The days you had should be green.  Any days that were available will also be green; waitlisted days are green wtih a red ! mark in a circle.
  11. Continue as normal to finalize changes if you wish.  (I don't want to change mine, so I stopped here.)

I bolded the one step because the whole system seems to work better that way.  Also because waitlisted rooms aren't available.

Hope this helps.

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Posted by mikepmarkey

Thanks a lot, that did work. 

I'm struck by how obtuse a process it is. 

Posted by brotherbock

Wow, yeah. Thanks from me as well, Parody. That was not intuitive.

Posted by burrfoot72

I was trying to add myself to the waiting list for the wednesday night before my reservation in the sytem.  It shows there is no waitlist available.  Is there a cap on the wait list or something?  I just want to be added to the list for that shoulder night and if I get it great and if I don't oh well.  I really don't want to have to keep checking every day just to see if a waitlist day becomes available.  It was tolerable trying to win the lottery of finding a released room since housing opened but to just join a waitlist?  Just curious what the thought process/theory is on waitlist availability.  

Posted by david campbell

Bumping this thread; did some searching and this pretty much my is question.

I picked up a Westin room from a forumite; but it's only Thursday-Sunday (three nights). I'd like to add Tuesday and Wednesday but both are Xed out for the shoulder wait list  (oddly; it looks like a King is open on Tuesday with a wait list on Wednesday; but I need the double beds for four folks).

I keep checking but the wait list just hasn't appeared for those nights. If I know it never will I can stop looking and go with plan B to simply call the Westin when the reservations are transferred and see if they can help.

TL;DR, do wait lists for shoulder nights ever open up, or once they are closed they stay closed?


Posted by thejoltess

I noticed that there are 'active' dates for rooms prior to Gen Con (starting as early as July 29th) but when you try to add anything earlier than Tuesday, the search results comes up nil. These dates don't show up as wait listed.  Just curious if earlier dates before Tuesday were ever possible to book through Passkey or by calling Q Rooms, or dates earlier than Tuesday need to be booked through the hotel itself once rooms are transferred.

Posted by aehrlon

I know we're getting closer to the con... shoulder nights don't seem to be working.  Is there a way to seek a shoulder night this late in the game?  Or should I just call Q-rooms?

Posted by maijstral2 aehrlon

aehrlon wrote:
I know we're getting closer to the con... shoulder nights don't seem to be working.  Is there a way to seek a shoulder night this late in the game?  Or should I just call Q-rooms?

 I got my Hotel confirmation from the Sheraton on Monday so I think the rooms, or at least some of them, have been released to the hotels so it might be better to call the hotel directly and see if they can extend your stay.

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