Remember the Indianapolis City Market/Farmer's Market!
Posted by brotherbock

Hi all. Just a reminder (not a resident, no vested interest) that, only six or so blocks away from the Convention Center, is the Indianapolis City Market and the Farmers' Market.

The City Market is an indoor space of food and gift vendors open year round. Soups, tamales, middle eastern food, delis, produce, bakeries, jewelry, cheeses, a tap room, chocolate, etc. Mon-Fri 7am-9pm, Sat 8-9, closed Sunday. Vendor list here. So this is another dining option all Con except Sunday.

The Farmers' Market will be open the Wednesday before the Con (rain or shine), 9:30a-1:30p. Right outside the City Market. This is a traditional sort of farmer's market--produce, baked goods, coffee, juices, kettle corn, honey, etc. A cool place to grab a bit to eat if you're in town that day before the serious Gen Conning starts :)

222 East Market Street 
Indianapolis, IN 46204 
Phone: 317.634.9266 
Fax: 317.637.6814

Edit to note that I can no longer change my incorrect apostrophying in the subject line :(

Posted by garhkal

Good to know..  Looking at Mapquest, it appears to be 4 blocks eastward, and 3 north..

Posted by brotherbock

Yeah, not far from Scottys and the Circle. A couple of years ago a group of us from the old forums did the farmers market on Wed and then an early Scottys lunch. Was a good kickstart to the Con, and we got the Scottys dice they were handing out :) Plus, I had an apple pie in my room for the rest of the con. 

Posted by armadilloal

Not far at all from the Garden Inn where I'm staying at the moment.  Won't get there early enough to check out the farmers' market, but I'll have to make a note to swing by the City Market.

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