Plans for GenCon 2018
Posted by lore seeker

Anybody already know some of what they want to do at GenCon 2018?

Me, I'm going to get back into playing Dark Age (a post apocalyptic-flavored tabletop miniatures game I stopped playing a couple years ago) in hopes of winning the GenCon tournament. Picked up the updated army book for my force, so now all I need is four new minis and I'm all set!

Posted by qwaserity

I took Wednesday off this year to go to Indy early. It's a 3 hour drive from Kentucky and I'm just too old for getting up Thursday morning at 4:30. This year I went to Dave and Buster's but I forgot something on my Indy bucket list:

Indianapolis Children's Museum! I've heard awesome things about it so I'm adding it to my list of things for Gen Con 2018... then Dave and Buster's...

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