What a profoundly weird thing to be posting, but it is certainly Gen-Con related and does not belong anywhere else.

So, anyone who has stayed at or even been in the Embassy Suites during Gen-Con surely noticed at least one of the gaming group flags hanging proudly over the balcony; the one that I think started the trend was a Cthulhuesque green flag that I remember seeing basically every year since whenever I first stayed there (2005?), joined occasionally by up to five others, including I want to say the "Under Discussion" podcast gopher mascot and my group's absurd stylized stick figure head.

Well, this year, we got ours set up on Tuesday, and were surprised when heading to the convention center Wednesday that none of the others were up yet.  When we got back Wednesday night, our flag was just completely gone.  I assumed the hotel had changed its policies and that this explained why it appeared nobody else had put any up either, so I went down to talk to management to ask where they put the flag, only to find that...they did not take it, and indeed one of the managers talked about how he missed seeing the flags up on the balconies.

So, I am forced to conclude some ultra-jerk, be it a hotel guest or a renegade employee not reporting to management, decided they knew better than anyone else and just stole our flag (and any other that might have been put up Wednesday between morning and evening).

Though this is forgiven if next year we see our flag flying in front of someone else's room and we realize we were merely long-game hijacked rather than robbed.