Somebody walk me through Discord
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Hi all. I posted in PopUp (the wrong place apparently, sorry about that Mike :) about possibly taking a LARP online if GenCon doesn't happen...or even for future use regardless of what happens this year.

Funny Shaped Dice (the user, not the objects) suggested Discord. The important features our LARPs need are

1) Some way to indicate where in the area of the game a player is
2) A way for a large group of people (say, all the people in an area) to talk, hopefully with video chat, and
3) An easy way for pairs of people (or three, four, smaller groups) to quickly split off and go have a private convo.

Physically, the games all involve this--you're in a group, then something happens, and you and a conspirator go find a quiet corner to plot. Then a third conspirator walks up and joins the conversation. Then you go back to theĀ  bigger group nearby who are all talking.

FSD suggested Discord, which is something I have used a total of once. So is there someone who can walk me through the service? Does it do video chat? Can the 'guests' in the chat break themselves off into small private video chats? (I know zoom, and I think only the host can create breakout rooms there.)

Any help kenning the Discord service would be appreciated.

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