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I have to say I was UNDERWHELMED by some of the designs this year for the merchandise. I get it is 2020 but what does 20/20 vision have to do with gaming?  An eye chart on a shirt , umm, ok? however the dragon shirts, blankets and pins look great and Since we are not able to do Gencon this year i told my sons that I would buy whatever merchandise they wanted from Offworld designs. 

Almost $300 later and everything arrives quickly and it is all great except the blankets. Oh man where to start. They feel like a couple sheets of tissue paper thick and there is only a design on one side. At first glance the picture of Genevieve looks really cool until you look close and see all sorts of color splotches on the wings and body. Yellow, green and blue  splotches looks like a toddler spilled their slushie on the blanket. I called Offworld and they said that is the design. Really . this blanket looks and feels like a overseas knock off I would get for $15, not the quality item i have come to expect from Offworld Designs and that I paid $45 for each. Over the years I have spent thousands of $ on the Gencon merch from them and this really disappointed me. 

I can not get my pictures to upload but if you enlarge the blanket picture you can see the green colors on the wings and look closely you will see green ( in multiple shades) as well as yellow and blue on the body and on the tail.

It looks like this Genevieve has some sort of disease with all of the splotches. If this was really their design of Genevieve this is poor design not worthy of this iconic figure. I have never seen a picture of her like this.

This is the link Offworld supplied me with in an email from their customer support.

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