Motor Vehicle Definitions
Posted by brotherbock

Just wanted to continue the interesting discussion of legal definitions that came up elsewhere. This is purely a discussion about interesting legal matters, not at all a comment on anyone's rights or banning anyone from anywhere or allowing anyone anywhere or anything else. That's why it's down here in Off Topic, because it's just interesting stuff to some. 

It had come up elsewhere, so here's more info on the legal definitions of motor vehicle as it applies to things like wheelchairs and mobility scooters. 

Judging by these articles, a number from years ago, the definitions are often not clear. I'm still tracking down more recent findings. 

For example, in these links there is discussion of whether to charge someone drunk in a motorized wheelchair or scooter with DUI...whether a license is needed for a scooter, and similar questions. 

Pretty interesting, varying jurisdiction by jurisdiction, where I think many people assume it's universally defined.


Some stuff about Segways and 'electronic personal assistive mobility devices' here

Case about a heavily modified scooter here

DUI stuff here:

More DUI:

Note these are from Florida, as I was trying to locate the resolution of the earlier case I posted. 

Posted by braewe

Not sure this impacts, but the /funniest/ thing happened a couple months ago. I work as a manager at Mcdonalds, and we do not allow walk ups to the drive thru, as it could result in someone on foot getting hit by a car, but we had a regular who would 'drive' up in his heavily motorized scooter. He is legitimately handicapped as he also visits inside during the day. Now, this man probably has a reason to be as obnoxiously rude and horrible as he is, at least in his mind. I am sorry that he is handicapped but he is /awful/. He is rude, mean, petty, and there is always something wrong whether there is or isn't. He makes something up if he can't find anything and he is probably the most hated customer we have. This includes quite a few awful regulars. So...

When he zoomed through the drive thru that night, we were all very pleasantly surprised to see him pulled over by the police after zipping directly across the road upon leaving the drive thru. We were trying to guess what it was for. Operating a vehicle while iontoxicated? Operating without a seatbelt? No lights? (It was about 2 am). Weird thing is we haven't seen him since. Maybe he was a wanted criminal mastermind! The speculation was rife. We do not, needless to say, miss him at all. His double hamburger only ketchup, small fry and large hi c in a clear cup (no not that one, idiot, who trained you, an oompa loompa?) did not come close to making up for his behavior. 

Posted by garhkal

I've seen that myself twice now..  Where someone in a scooter zipped across a road either at night, or not in a sidewalk and got pulled over by the cops..  But i have not yet seen someone in one, try using a drive through..!??

Posted by hawkeye

There was a guy around here who got arrested for operating a motorized scooter while drunk. The guy was in the road and causing a hazzard.

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