Christopher Yates aka Rusty Bawls
Posted by hahnarama

Does anyone know if he's coming back to GenCon after a 4+ year absence? I would like to know why he has not been back. He really knew how to work the crowd and make everyone have a good time 


Posted by austicke

This will be his third year missed; but, yeah, I'm not sure why he no longer performs. He was a mainstay for many years.

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Posted by hahnarama

damn shame

Posted by doombunny

Could be the crowds. The bigger crowds make it hard for his performance to find space, I would think. I'm not sure where he could set up that wouldn't cause jams, and the bigger the crowd the more likely his stilts acts could run into trouble, particularly from idiots. I actually hadn't realized he hadn't been there past couple years, I just assumed That I missed his performances.

Posted by jcirillo1971

He apparently does a lot of corporate events after checking out his website.  Perhaps he got booked in advance for a better paying gig.

Posted by hahnarama

He always had a dedicated spot right outside the Events Hall. I know some of his stchick was walking around on stilts so I could him cutting that out of his routine.

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