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When does the auction registration start?

Posted by austicke

Last month.

Alec Usticke, Unofficial Gen Con Indy Facebook Discussion Group

Posted by falloner

You can start entering your items into the system at You won't have to pay any of the listing fees until you actually get your items to the Con.

Posted by hahnarama

Quick question...I've got 20+ Gen Con's under my belt but I have never used the Auction,hte last 8 years i've used a BGG Geeklist but I'm tired of the logistics of it. 

So I see they have the following listed

Auction Tag Cost    $2.00    n/a
Store Tag Cost    $1.00    n/a
Auction Commission    15%
Store Commission    10%
Max Store Item Amount    $50.00
Bidder Card Cost    $1.00
Tab Deposit  $50.00

If I just plan on using the Consignment store I pay the 15% plus the $1 store tag???

Thanks in advance 


Posted by johntes

You pay 10% commission plus a $1 tag fee per item sold in the Consignment Store.

Keep in mind the highest price an item in the store can be sold for is $50.

John T.

Posted by jerrytel

You check in your items, at that time you pay your tag fees. As your items are sold, the commission is taken out of the money that is due to you. If your item does not sell, obviously you would only pay the tag fee, no commission.

The $50 store limit is maximum liability if a theft occurs; if we are unable to locate an item to return to you if unsold.

Posted by quarex

I think someone at BoardGameGeek needs to have their priorities adjusted if they have never thought to recommend the Auction/Auction Store, considering it is the best place for deals on anything, board games included.

Posted by wendel

I am looking for a Gen Con 2017 Auction volunteer "horned rhino snit" button. If anyone has the horned snit button that they would like to trade, I have a Gen Con 20th anniversary button that I would trade for the horned snit button.


Posted by quarex

Huh, even as a volunteer I did not get a 2017 Auction volunteer button, haha.  Those must be valuable :)

Posted by wells

I'm going to throw this out there, the auction needs to move to a larger space. I went out Friday night and Saturday night around 7, neither time could I get a seat in the room. Even in the middle of the day it was sometimes awkward. I came home with a couple of hundred dollars i intended to spend on the auction.

Posted by pinheadjo

I know that several times when I went in I had to ask people to move their back packs from seats. They gave me a bad look and I said If the bag is bidding it gets a seat, otherwise put it on the floor.

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