carryon food?
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I'm wondering if we're allowed to bring in food... snacks and such?

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The only exception is openly carrying your own food in (i.e. coffee cup, takeout box, fast food bag, etc. in hand), into Lucas Oil Stadium where they will stop you from entering and ask that you finish or toss what you have. For the convention center and the hotels, they do not have restrictions against outside food.

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Personal consummation food, yes.

Just don't order 10 pizzas and then sit around selling off individual slices for $5 a slice (and yes, I've seen this done). You will be asked to leave. 

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I read crayon food and was confused.  

The answer is "technically, no, but actually yes".  It *is* against the rules to bring in outside food and drink barring a medical need.  They have never enforced that rule, other than obvious and blatant violations, but it does exist.  

the only time I have seen it enforced personally, a dude was trying to bring in a biggish box of popcorn that was overflowing and he got turned away.  He started to get irritated and the ICC employee who turned him away said something along the lines of "dude, just go around the corner, put it in your backpack and come back".

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At one of the early Gen Con Indy's, I was asked to leave the ICC by a security guard because I was reading my program and eating Fish and Chips from Claddagh. That said, later during the convention we brought in delivery for our rpg table, including the GM, and no one said a word....

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I figure most people have snacks in their backpacks/whatever, and it's never been an issue.  If you're carrying an open tray of food, that's different, but as people have pointed out, they can even let that slide.

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I have brought snacks in for year mostly granola bars, jerky and fruit snacks and never had a problem. I see people with subway and pizza's all the time.I have brought stuff from the food trucks to the tables inside and seen others do it. I think they only enforce no outside food if its really obvious, in the way somehow and/or the food vendors in the Convention center are still open.

Posted by kiyote

I have personally observed the No Outside Food rule for Lucas Oil Stadium be rather haphazardly enforced.  It would be good know what the _actual_ policy is.  Sometimes I hear that Gen Con is okay with outside snacks, etc, sometimes it's "No outside food is allowed at all" - usually followed by <wink> <wink>.


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Hey I have walked around with a beer, Sunking, and no one has ever stopped me 

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Can we get some actual clarification from GenCon about this rule. I was under the impression we could everywhere.  

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This same thread has come up in past years, so eventually one of the administrators will come in and clarify.  But that clarification if I recall correctly is basically "good lord no you cannot order food to be delivered into the convention center," but if you are just, like, carrying granola bars and drinking coffee from a nearby business, you are going to be fine like 9,999 times out of 10,000 it seems.

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