Denver Nascrag Team Looking for 1 more Player!
Posted by felwred

For those who don't know what NASCRAG is, I'll put in a quick plug for them. It's a long-standing (40 years running at GenCon so far) D&D game using 3.5 rules - heavy on humor and having fun - lighter on power-gaming or deadly serious environments. They have 30-40 tables of teams in 2-4 waves who are competing to be selected for the final round on Saturday night. Something like 20 or 40 teams of 6 get to play in the Saturday night game. Within the games, you are trying to complete the missions, solve the puzzles, and have a good time doing it. Judging is based on how well you play your pre-gen characters assigned to you, completing missions, and how much fun it is be at that table. Needless to say, it is more important to have a good time than it is to win anything.

My gaming group entered on a lark last year - was the 2nd alternate to the finals then got lucky when 2 teams didn't show up. With nothing to lose, and just being happy to be playing in the finals round - we ended up winning the NASCRAG championship (quite a feat considering the great teams that competed there). I suspect the nothing to lose and just happy to be at the dance attitude is what made the difference for us. We intend to keep to the same attitude this year but we have a problem. We lost a member of our group and are now a person short of the six needed.

Ideally, we'd like to find someone who is outgoing, smart, a good role-player, and very good at solving puzzles to take our 6th seat at the table. By outgoing, we mean completely willing to go over the top as the situation dictates but not in a way that detracts from the game or the group. If your character sheet says your character is hugely into wrestling - going "Randy Macho Man Savage" rather than greco-roman is what we would love to see.

Although defending our title would be great - having fun there is more important. We want someone who will absolutely be able to work with us and mesh into the group.

Perfect world would be to find someone in the Greater Denver area but we'll consider people outside of Greater Denver as well. We're hoping to have our 6th seat filled 30-60 days before GenCon. Anyone out there interested?


Posted by gamerlaura

I'm from Chicago, but I'd be interested in joining your team.  I'm good at puzzles (especially word puzzles), creative, and have a musical background.  I love to play off other people and have fun.


Posted by andrewj.rager

Oooooooh yeah, you have to get your hot dogging and your grand standing in. But ya see the cream always rises, and I'm the cream of the crop! Elizabeth, let's go!

(Good luck finding a player, I just had to drop in a Macho Man reference)

Posted by helenbb

As a part of the team that came in second last year (just behind you) I am glad to see that you are coming back this year, as it gives us a chance to claim the title! ;-)  Seriously, that is an amazing story of having fun and taking the win last year!

I hope that you guys find a 6th. That's actually how I came to join my team: they were 4-5 and looking for others to fill out the roster. 

Posted by ronin357

I would be interested. Here is my email.

Posted by nascragman

I love seeing these posts!  Just to clarify though, we run Pathfinder games, not D&D any more.  Although the fact that a member of the winning team was uncertain of the ruleset tells you a lot about how we play.

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