2 Months Out!
Posted by ytuni

I missed posting this yesterday but....

We're only 2 months out from event registration day! 

What are your must-do events? What new events would you like to try? Do you plan to submit your wishlist AT noon? Lets talk events!

ME: I must try whatever is new at Asmadi Games. I want to try whatever new game looks the most interesting. My husband wants to try another minis painting event. Yes, as long as I'm not at work, I'll be submitting my list AT noon. I can't wait for the events list to post!

Posted by quarex

Since I started volunteering for the Auction I have only ever had my badge early enough to submit an early wishlist for Gen Con 50, and that was amazing, but one or two ticketed events in the whole time is pretty much my limit, as I know I will just end up skipping virtually any event for an impromptu social gathering or a particularly juicy Auction session anyway.

So I guess "the Auction" is my answer for must-do event but that is not ticketed...I do want to finally play 5th Edition, and since I have no time for gaming in my normal life clearly I should just do it there.  I suppose I should also finally play 4th Edition while I am at it :/

Reading through the events list is an unquestioned yearly joy, though, I have to say.  Particularly now that I learned from watching one of Nelly's old videos that "Isle of Misfit Events" is the miscellaneous category, not events from some group called "Isle of Misfits," so now I am excited to look at it for the first time ever this year!

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