Unique Events/Experiences at Gencon
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Our family has greatly enjoyed the big "Run for Your Life, Candyman!" game run by Smirk and Dagger games late on Saturday night. Lots of gingerbread-y fun !  It usually starts around 11 PM and is a blast...
Oooo- what exactly happens during said event?  My boyfriend loves their Candyman games.

There are numerous tables (15 or so) of people all playing simultaneously. Most years Smirk and Dagger brings in actual little gingerbread cookies for the players, so that - when a player's arm or leg or such is lost in combat - they are eaten. :) Lots of enthusiastic fun and many people rising to proclaim "Behold the head of my enemy!"

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As promised, here is the website for the Megagame Coalition.  We are putting on 11 different games this year.  If anyone is unfamiliar with megagames, you can check out this Shut Up and Sit Down video review or read this After Action Report that I wrote as a controller (game master) for the feudal era Japan megagame Sengoku last year.

All the megagames sold out last year, so we've added more than ever. Hope to see you there!

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