Event Ticketing Question
Posted by gride

Hello,  I tried looking around the website for a question or similar topic but couldn't find an answer (maybe not in the right place), but when I'm adding events from the GenCon list to my wishlist, I'm given the option to select tickets for myself and both of my friends on my list.

That being said, right underneath my name there is the option to "purchase another ticket for myself".  Would that ticket be eligible for use by another friend not on my list?  It seems redundant to purchase multiple tickets for yourself for an event, so I'm just looking for clarification about this option.

I know alternatively I could just also add my friend to my list as well, but why have that option anyway?  Thanks in advance!

Posted by jerrytel

Yes; the extra ticket could be used by anyone.

Posted by rong

I will occasionally get "another ticket for myself" with the plan of giving it to someone I meet at GenCon that may share the same interests and want to join in a game. Or I'll give the ticket to a friend to be named later. Another reason to use it is that it doesn't block out your friend's schedule, allowing them to possibly get a more coveted game, and still have a fall back.

Posted by buffythecatslayer

Note that for e-ticket events, especially True Dungeon, you should get tickets in the name of each person, not as an extra ticket for yourself, since the tickets are tied to the badge.  Note that there is an option to transfer tickets to other people, so you can buy the ticket in your name now, then transfer it to your friend(s) later.

Posted by gride

I see.  These responses were helpful, thanks again!

Posted by papalorax

buying "another ticket for myself" will make sure that you don't lock down your friend from buying something during that timeslot. 

I go with my son every year and will only do this now...we have had trouble when an event ends early and we want to jump into another event and we can't because we are both locked up in the system.

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