BGG Hot Games Room or Gen Con Games Library
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What is the difference between BGG Hot Games Room or Gen Con Games Library ?  


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BGG is just a room with games that have been released at Gen Con, or sometimes Origins.

The tickets went up to $6 for 2 hours of play.  REALLY hot games have their own dedicated table where they are set up for the entire Con

The Game Library is all the way over in Lucas Oil, you access it via the tunnel from the Convention center.  I think Lee has about 800+ games that you can check out. In years past the library kind of sucked   a lot of older games and games missing parts, but I've noticed the past 2 years his group has cleaned up the collection, and it's not guaranteed but some publishers will also donate a new release to the library. During the day you can get in with generics but if you want to play any evening after 5 PM I would buy it as an event ticket. 

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Thank a lot, this is my first time at Gen Con, so that help me a lot 

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The difference is location location location. We stay in the Hyatt, BGG is in the Hyatt. That's where we go. It is much easier to slowly make your way to the elevator than half way across Gen Con to get back to your room at Midnight.

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Board Game Geek Hot Games Room price drops down to $4 after initial increase from $2 to $6.

That is a little more palatable of an increase year to year. This makes me happy as the cost for my groups 3 sessions went down from $54 to $36.

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