Why another ticket for myself
Posted by nlgplayerone

When I go to get tickets for my group, there's always "Another ticket for me". Why would I need another ticket for me?

Posted by matthias9

That's just a simple way of letting you buy two tickets without it being assigned to any specific friend.  But, yeah, you'd be giving one to someone else.

You can also set up formal friendships in the system and buy tickets for friends that way.  That process can be useful if you will be needing more than 2.

Posted by rong

"Another ticket for me" will not block your friend from an event in the time slot they may want more.

Posted by dynel

Can I add a question to this thread?

So, I've selected "Another ticket for myself" on a few of my events.  When looking at my wish list, it looks like I only have one ticket for me, and that's it.  Is that normal?  When going back to the event from my wish list, buy myself and another are checked, so I think it's okay.  I just thought I'd see two tickets on my wish list.

Posted by rong

That is normal. The wish list only shows the events on your wish list, not individual tickets. As you noted though, clicking an event shows you who you have selected tickets for in that particular event.

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