Event Locations
Posted by cmegus

Curious when exact locations are added to the events.

Some events I booked have blank locations which makes it kind of tough to figure out the timing of things (i.e food).


Posted by selene314

In the past they have been added very slowly. Do not count on having locations assigned in time to change your schedule.

Posted by marimaccadmin


We will be adding locations up to the "ship to me" date; we were focused on getting all events active for this past weekend.

Marian McBrine
Event Coordinator
Gen Con LLC

Posted by cmegus

Thank you.


Posted by joegamer

All of my King of Tokyo events have moved twice already, so make sure you check your events before going. 

Posted by cmegus

Still have a number of events with no location as well, but they still have 2 weeks to the “ship to me” date.

Then we can sort it out.


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