Paint & Take
Posted by square1

I was hoping to try this out this year and it says there's a signup sheet.

Is there more information on when signups start? How early should I get there? Is it a separate signup every day, or will all 4 days fill up on Thursday? If I want to do it with a friend, can I sign them up ahead of time or do they have to come with me? 

Thank you!

Posted by mumsnarf

I believe it is a new signup sheet each day. Signup starts at 10 but there is typically a line of people waiting to sign up each morning. In my experience if you get there before 10 you can get a seat without waiting past signup. I am not really sure about wait times after that as I always get there before 10.

I also don't know about the friend thing, none of my friends will paint with me :/

Posted by square1

Thanks! Appreciate the advice! 

Posted by jedikitty

I went late Thursday afternoon in 2015 and only had to wait 10-15 minutes or so, if that helps any!

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