Tickets missing from My Packets
Posted by okkult

When I look at My Packets, two events I registered for (SEM19147549 and ENT19148008) are not listed. They are still in My Transactions and when I look them up in the catalog, it has Myself checked and won't let me re-register. Are these events cancelled?

Posted by austicke

Are they electronic tickets? Then you won't receive paper tickets for them. They're tied to your badge.

Alec Usticke, Fans of Gen Con Facebook Group

Posted by damiensundae

Both of those events are indeed electronic ticketing, so you're all good. They just scan your badge when you arrive for you and anyone in your group you bought tickets for.

Had the same WTF panic this morning on a couple of my own events. Glad to see more events doing it this way, though. Removes the risk of losing your paper tickets.

Posted by okkult

Whew! Thank you for your answers!

Posted by xcoconutmonkey06x

Ha! I had the same question that I posted to the FB page. It was there that I also learned that there is a "Schedule" portion to my profile that shows all my tickets and if it is a paper ticket or an electronic one (also shows where the events are as well). 

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