Afterparty Goth Night
Posted by d351

I was really hoping to make it to the "Afterparty" that has been held for the last few years on Saturday night, but was disappointed to find that it wasn't happening and was never an official event in the first place. With the immense overlap between goth/metal/etc. subcultures and geek culture in general, I was surprised that there was nothing in the Gen Con events aimed at this audience. I can't be the only one who would like a dance night that isn't going to include standard pop music. I would add that adult-oriented events in general were also pretty lacking, but I can see better reasons for that.

Posted by quarex

It is shocking that you found any sort of party at all, as Gen-Con is absolutely not a party convention.  I am sure somebody out there is laughing, but I know a lot about a lot of different conventions and the scene at Gen-Con is quite different from a place like DragonCon, where everyone coming in already knows where they are partying every night after the convention ends.

Other than hearing rumors of people more attractive than I getting invited to the White Wolf party in the 1990s, I have never really encountered anyone seriously talking about a party scene at Gen-Con.  Well, and the "Legendary Drunk-Ass Party XVII" or whatever mentioned on these forums.

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