Best Food Downtown?
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fethbone wrote:Well, needless to say I will not be returning to the main dining room at St. Elmo’s, so if you have any other recommendations among the half-dozen other upscale steakhouses in downtown Indy, I am all ears. :D 

That's a tough one. St. Elmo's is Ron Swanson's favorite, so if they screwed it up, I don't know where to go. Harry and Izzy's? Never eaten there myself.

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It's an old thread, but my contribution is: 

Loughmiller's Pub and Eatery 
Walking distance north of the Convention Center
My favorite: Pepper Jack Stuffed Pretzels
2 soft pretzels filled with pepper jack cheese and deep fried. $10. 

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And also thank you to the other posters, I'm making a little guide book of places to eat and these are great suggestions. 

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Good stuff here.

I'll just add:

Thai Paradise   (Market St, 1.5 blocks west of Monument Circle)

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I recommend Harry & Izzy's. Excellent service, and a wonderful experience --  a bit expensive but it was nice to get away and relax the mind. 

Stay with me here: They use the same kitchen as St. Elmo's, according to industry experts in the area. 

The difference? I thought having lunch at Harry & Izzy's was very nice, both in interior and service, but they toned down any perceived pretense for lunch and possibly better prices during the lunch service? 

TL;DR: Excellent food, service, drink menu; Highly recommend. 

ALSO Recommend: The Oceanaire Seafood Room
Slightly pricey, but an evening chill out in a dark, elegant environment with excellent service was very nice before heading in to that evening / late evening event. Excellent oysters, sea options, and beasts from the land as well.

TL;DR: Dark, elegant, inviting, food and drink options, service; Highly recommend

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The places that I will miss dearly this Summer are;

Pearl Street pizza, for their deep dish. The veggie deluxe with chicken and jajapenos added is my jam. Also, they have a pear and gorgonzola that is simply great.

First Watch for breakfast. I don't eat red meat, and the fact that they have both chicken and turkey sausage links/patties is amazing.

Eagle Tavern (Across the street from Basbeaux) is some of the best fried chicken that I've ever had. Homemade biscuits and jam, and the finest mac7 cheese that has evwer passed my lips. 

Hell, I might go to Gencon for the food moreso than the games at this point...:D

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pshep999 wrote:
The Sinking Ship

FYI they closed for good last week, not coming back unless fired employees or new employees agree to work at below minimum wage. It was a great place to watch NHL games

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jedijawa74 wrote:
+1 for Dick's BBQ. It's just off the beaten path so that it isn't madness to get a seat.  We have had some great dinners there.
Granite City Brewing is also good.  It's hard to say what will still be in business by the time we get back there. So many places have closed or changed.

The only Granite City left open in town is the airport location

Posted by jhs

I hope most of the places are still around next year!  So many good places to eat in Indy.

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Any places have a good beer tap list? Last time I went, I went to Tow Yard Brewing but it closed.

EDIT: Just Google'd and saw a new place Ellison Brewing opened in the same location.

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By next summer, this list might be totally invalid.  Restaurants/bars are not stable at the best of times, and this year.. well.. :-(

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[This post has been removed]

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qstor wrote:
Any places have a good beer tap list? Last time I went, I went to Tow Yard Brewing but it closed.
EDIT: Just Google'd and saw a new place Ellison Brewing opened in the same location.

Tow Yard went under to financial mismanagement. The owners were taking all the profits and not paying any of their creditors.

I've been to Ellison a few times. Aaron knows what he's doing, his 1st location was opened in Lansing years ago.


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