Super early travel warning - I-69 south of Indianapolis construction through 2024.
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Might as well put this out now, super early, so people can plan: If you use I-69/State Road 37 to come up from the south to Indianapolis, there is a lot of known construction at one point from here till 2024.

Yes, the last link says 2021, so it doesn't concern us quite yet. But these are all overviews of significant construction on that route. Quick background: A state road (Indiana SR 37) is being upgraded to an interstate (I-69) in phases, and many of us have already experienced the prior phases. As of January, last time a colleague of mine traveled SR37/I-69, there was only one genuinely slow segment in Martinsville, but that's likely going to increase as time goes on, leading up to that 2021 closure and detour. 

Good info in the links that'll allow folks to plan. If you're coming in any other way, none of this should affect you, thank goodness. And this August, I don't think things will be that bad, but it won't be construction-free. And next year... well, we'll tackle it when it rolls around, right? :)

Hope this helps. 

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is it basically the same construction/closings from last year?

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chrisbuddha wrote:
is it basically the same construction/closings from last year?
I think that was I70 at the airport. At least it took me 4 hours to drive about 250 miles to Indy and 1 1/2 hours to drive the 9 miles from the airport to the convention center last year.

Posted by aldctjoc chrisbuddha

chrisbuddha wrote:is it basically the same construction/closings from last year?

For I-69, there was indeed some of that last year. But as bobvilla noted, a lot of what people by the airport were suffering through was the I-70 construction that got put off due to weather. Not the I-69 construction that was (and will continue to be) 30-some miles to the south. I-70 between the airport and downtown isn't supposed to be an issue this year as far as I can tell. And thank goodness for that. 

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