Looking for one of the 2019 RAM Monsterpocalypse "Big Red Ale" Mugs
Posted by bloodpuppy11

Hi everyone!

First off, I hope everyone is doing ok during this challenging time.  I hope you are safe, and healthy.

I have been attending GenCon for several years now, and one of the highlight for me every year is going to the RAM brewery.  I have built a collection of their yearly commemorative mugs. 

Last's years mug was GIGANTIC, and it was celebrating their "Big Red Ale" with a graphic of a woman towering over a cityscape.  It was my go-to glass for pretty much everything, and I really was attached to it.

So, of course, last night I accidentally knocked it off the table and it shattered.  I know that this is a time when many of us are dealing with real problems, and this seems like a trivial thing to be upset about, but I really liked that mug, and especially as I ponder the likelihood that I may not be able to attend GenCon this year, I found myself pretty bummed out.

So anyways, I'm wondering if anyone on here might have a "Big Red Ale" mug that they would be willing to sell and ship to me.  I'd really like to acquire a replacement, if possible.

If you have one you'd be willing to part with, or know someone who might, please let me know.  In the meanwhile, I hope you stay well and healthy.  Thanks for reading my story.

all the best,

Posted by traveller

You might want to post to the friends of Gencon FB group.


Posted by bloodpuppy11

Thanks!  Great idea!  I will post there as well.

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