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Quick question: Why isn't Skype included in the list of Third Party Audio/Video Chat Platform? My gaming group has been using it for three months to run D&D and chat while gaming.

Also, are there other platforms that are not listed? I see GCV (GenCon Virtual) as a reason to learn new programs and technologies. I'm hoping to see some pre-con/Wednesday seminars about using the various programs.

Posted by derekguder

Skype has a long history and widespread adoption, but has had a lot of issues with quality and connection over the past several years, easily being eclipsed by most of the other tools we mentioned.

We're not really in a position to provide an exhaustive list of potential platforms, we simply picked the ones that are the most prominent right now and/or are tailored specifically for gaming in some way. For most users, a more reliable, concise list is likely more useful.

But we also are permitting event organizers to submit events on almost any platform they would like to use, though we of course reserve the right to review and adjust individual events as necessary.

If Skype has worked great for you and your players and that is your preference, you are absolutely welcome to run your games through it. It's simply not an approach we recommend broadly.

Derek Guder
Senior Event & Program Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by stahlnee

That is a good call.

Posted by buffythecatslayer

My gaming group has used Skype for 15 years, mostly audio-only and never had an issue with it.  The largest group we've had on it was around 6-7.  We've used it for video as well, but only with 2 people.

Posted by hendelbolaf

My long distance group also uses Skype as it is superior to Discord in so many ways in my opinion. I submitted my events with Skype as the audio and that is what I plan to use if accepted. I use d20Pro for the virtual tabletop and do not use the video function of Skype as I just need to hear everyone, not see them.

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