Online Store Items Shipping?
Posted by del_grande

I just got a notice from FedEx saying that I am getting a package from PSI Playhouse in Suwanee, GA. I am assuming this is the items I ordered through the GenCon Online Store. This leads me to ask two questions:

1. Is everything from all of the "exhibitors" shipped from a single source, or does each company do its own shipping?

2. Does anybody else know the status of their items?

Posted by mikeboozer

PSi started shipping yesterday and will continue through next week after the store closes this weekend. If you have questions about their shipments, they can contact [email protected].


Posted by del_grande

No problem - I also got an email from GenCon telling me about the shipment (which had the same FedEx shipment number). I was just wondering if PSi was the "single source" for the entire store, or just for particular companies (in my case, all of my items were from Steve Jackson Games).

Posted by mikeboozer

They are all coming from PSi and should be in one shipment as long as the games were ordered from the game store and not from individual publishers websites.

Posted by mikeboozer

update from the game store team today:

"Hey all! As you may know, it was our goal to ship out all orders by August 14th. A small number of publishers had delayed shipments and unfortunately, have caused a delay in getting out some of the orders. We are writing to let you know that we expect your order to go out the week of August 17th and that you will receive a communication once your order is shipped. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions and we will do our best to answer everyone. Thank you for supporting Gen Con Online and our game publishing community! Every one of us appreciates your support!"

Posted by bwierenga

i emailed again yesterday - I was assured mine would be shipped shortly after Aug 26th - still no confirmation.  I am getting a bit upset as I could have bought a few of these in the store by now.  

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