Best opening day find?
Posted by jwibbenmeyer

With the first day of Gencon 2021 ending, what was a unique item, game, or booth that your found?

I played "The Boys: This is Going To Hurt" and though it is not out on shelves yet, I am getting it but I am looking for more gems from the floor.

Posted by rfsullivan

I went in to play a game of 5.0 D&D, but the DM didn't show so I wound up at a Numeners table instead. First time with both system and setting, had a great time with it. Also, randomly encountered a group playing The Night Cage in the final hour before the hall closed, which was an interesting game, basically Cube with an eldritch horror vibe.

Posted by forar

A copy of Fortune and Glory at the Flying Frog Productions booth. They've been really difficult to find, and it seems the ones they had flew off the shelves, so I'm glad to finally have it in my collection.

Posted by viphotwee1

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