Does anyone know if there will be a game library this year?
Posted by kellishaver

I'm just wondering if anyone knows whether or not there will be a game library this year. With fewer events/vendors and more open gaming, it would be nice to have the library. But I can also see good reasons not to have it (less space, the need for additional cleaning, etc.). 

Posted by austicke

Yes, and it will be.

​​​​​​​Alec Usticke, Fans of Gen Con Facebook Group

Posted by kellishaver

Awesome, thanks!

Posted by james.fitzpatrick iii

How do we get a game into the library?

Posted by austicke james.fitzpatrick iii

james.fitzpatrick iii wrote:How do we get a game into the library?

See here.

Posted by bferg88

How do we get tickets for the game library? I tried searching under "Buy Event Tickets", but I don't see anything this year.
Also the website linked above is currently down:

EDIT: If anyone has this same problem. It was fixed for me by signing out and back in again.

Posted by cinnibar

Note: I believe the games library still limits that games not be removed from their area, and must have a ticket for access to the room.  So not quite open gaming, where can check out a large game and throw it on a table in the main hall?

Posted by charlengifford

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