Yom Kippur update?
Posted by narzat

I know the team has been busy with broader event planning, but I haven’t seen anything on this in a while and know my Jewish friends are wondering what the Yom Kippur plans will be.  Any updates that can be provided?

Posted by maniac630

Same here.  I have a few Jewish friends observing and was wondering if any of those plans/ideas from the blog update have been/are going to be implemented?

Posted by cinnibar

Someone on one of the Facebook groups:

"Yes! I should have the events up for YK services and meals this week. I'll post here.
Sorry for the delay on posting them, arranging catering services was a challenge."

Hoping it happens to help everyone on this!  Fingers crossed!

Posted by narzat

Thanks, cinnibar!

Posted by quarex

Oh that is awesome.  I really did worry they were not going to come through with those plans.

I wonder how they are going to manage the demand?  I cannot imagine they have any idea how many people are looking to take advantage of these services.

Posted by technoir

Im sure not to many

Posted by narzat

They did a survey, which presumably provided some useful insights.  And however few or many it is, it will be important to those who do want to attend, and to broader perceptions of the genuine inclusiveness of Gen Con.

Posted by hahnarama technoir

technoir wrote:
Im sure not to many

(just asking a question not trying to start an argument) 

Are you personally effected by the Yom Kippur overlap? I'm agnostic leaning towards atheist so I am really trying to understand and be more sympathetic of those who are of the Faith

Now that being said I think the understanding needs to go both ways. We are in year FRAKING 2 of a global pandemic, that should have been over by now if EVERYONE had just rolled up their damn sleeve. The powers that be had to push back the dates, yes they forgot to look at the religious calendar it was an over site not an intentional slight. 

Could you imagine is we were all gathering here in a few weeks as originally planned? NIGHTMARE

We live, we learn from out mistakes, we try and do better and we move on


Posted by narzat

The Gen Con team has said that they were aware of the schedule conflict all along, and admitted that they weren’t as up front in talking about it and addressing potential concerns as they should have been.  Most folks I know who are directly affected by it now accept that Gen Con got the convention center dates that it could, but are looking for proactive efforts to include them during what is generally considered the most important Jewish holy observance of the year.  Gen Con prides itself on inclusivity (which I think is a good thing) and so there are expectations that Gen Con live up to that ideal.  So I say yes, let’s game on, but do it in a way that makes reasonable efforts to best include our Jewish friends.  

Posted by llenlleawg hahnarama

As a Roman Catholic, I never have to worry about Gen Con being scheduled on Christmas or Easter. Given our culture, that just would never happen. Gen Con could in theory fall on the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin (August 15), but I would take that as being on me, not on Gen Con, to negotiate. Perhaps I should, but I've grown used to the idea that the broader culture, while broadly (post-)Christian, isn't going to go out of its way to think about Catholic holy days

Jews, being a minority who are never automatically considered when we think about calendaring, ought not to be asked to succumb to "both ways" logic. When we ask people to consider the "other side", we normally do so when both "sides" are more or less equal in influence and consideration. Such is not the case for religious minorities, who deserve no less respect and consideration than other minorities.

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