Color-coding or highlighting already-selected events in the Event Catalog search results?
Posted by freebiegrabber

I had an idea; I wonder how hard it would be to program/implement it into GenCon's website:  Once you select a given event and add it to your Wishlist, it would be great if that event became color-coded or highlighted somehow in your future Event Catalog searches.  That way, when re-searching the Catalog, you could quickly and easily see which events were already added to your Wishlist without having to keep two screens/windows open and toggle between them to cross-reference.  Just a thought!  What do you guys think -- would this be helpful to anyone else?

Posted by blkhwks19

Yes absolutely. I was just thinking this myself.

Also, could use a "Quick Add" button on the main event list to just add a ticket for my badge without having to open the event, check a box for myself (which is the most common occurrence anyways) and then click add, and then go back to the list. So many clicks when it could just be one!

For the event list, I like drag n drop rows to re-order much better than numbered dropdowns. I'm sure they could do it so the page doesn't have to reload after you change one too.

One other feature that would be neat that I just thought of would be a "Schedule View" that shows your selected events in a block schedule-like view, similar to an Outlook calendar. This way you can see at a glance how much time you have between events, and if any overlap or don't allow enough time for travel, food, etc.

In the end I usually end up making my own calendar/view, but it would be nice if it was built into the site while actively adding/changing things around. Oh well...

Posted by buffythecatslayer

Useful suggestions, I'm sure they'll be "coming soon" ;-)

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