Games with High Unserved Demand
We went through the wish list data from the opening of event registration and released a list of the game that have the highest unserved demand, as measured by the number of tickets all attendees had in their wish lists that was in excess of that actual capacity in the schedule.

It's not an exact measure, but if you are thinking of adding more events and are wondering why games have the greatest need, this is a good place to start.

Wish List Data Available
This also means we can provide wish list data for all the events you have already submitted, letting you know how many tickets were requested, overall, and how many separate wish lists requests appeared on. Again, it's not exact, but it can be taken as a sign of overall demand for different events and games, at least within the demographic of attendees that pre-register and build their schedule right when things open up.

If you want to get the wish list data for your events, please email [email protected] and confirm your company or group name. We will send you a spreadsheet with your wish list data matched to your event export.