GM Hotels Booked, Confirmations Sent
The GM hotel block has been booked and all requests were accommodate, but we did have to find extra inventory to do so. This is the first time we've had to do that, so I want to reinforce that the GM block will more and more function as a back-up for housing, not a primary method of securing rooms, particularly for rooms that aren't directly comped by Gen Con. Please keep that in mind when planning for the future.

This also means that if you did not send in a housing request form, it is too late to request a room. If you sent in a form and have not received either a reply from Gen Con and/or confirmation on the booking of the room itself, let us know ASAP so we can look into it.

Make sure to double-check all hotel confirmations to ensure that everything is correct. It's better to fix it now than have to deal with it during the chaos onsite when everyone else is checking in, too.

If you have another hotel room in the Gen Con block that you want to cancel or transfer now that you've gotten one in the GM sub-block, you need to contact Rita Milandri at Q-Rooms (317 927-8488, [email protected]) by Tuesday, July 5 or be subject to the standard cancelation fee - which is equal to first night's stay, at this point.

Last-Minute GM Recruitment
Many companies and groups are still looking for GMs to help fill their schedules. If you are still open for new recruits, please post the details in the GM forum. Include your company/group name, what events you are running, when you need help, what you specifically need people to do, what you are offering (badges, swag, hotels, discounts, etc.), and how to get in touch with you to sign up.

We will be promoting those at some point over the next week or two, so this will be one last chance for some last-minute recruitment for GMs. Get your details up now so we can include you in that push.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC