2018 Premier Group applications?
Posted by erikhawley

What is the process to apply for premier group status for 2018?

Posted by roderick

For the 2018 show please send your Gen Con ID number and the email associated with that account in late November or early December 2017 to [email protected] and we will enter you into the random selection process.You must have a Gen Con account to enter. 
We will be conducting the random selection in January. 
You will be contacted if you are selected with further instructions at that time. 
Separate accounts must send their information via their account only. We will not accept multiple accounts sent via a single email. 
Information on last years VIG program can be found here: 

Roderick Robertson
Forum Coordinator 
Gen Con, LLC. 

Posted by erikhawley

That applies to VIG, I was asking about Premier Groups.


Posted by noone

As per an earlier post you don’t apply if you meet the criteria you’re a premier group. The criteria from apost by Derrick isThe requirements for inclusion in the program are pretty strict: 

  • Tickets turned in for more than 90% of events 
    Groups must maintain turn in tickets for more than 90& of their events (i.e. 10 out of 11 events must have some kind of ticket data, even if it’s “0 players showed up”). 
  • Maintain at least an 80% overall attendance rate 
    A group's total actual attendance (based on tickets turned in) must be at least 80% of the total maximum number of players, as submitted with the group's events. 
  • 60+ Actual Players 
    Groups must run events for a total of at least 60 actual players, based on ticket data. 
  • Discretionary Criteria 
    In addition, groups that are eligible for the program as a result of their tickets must still maintain a good working relationship with Gen Con. Specifically, groups must still submit in their events and badge/hotel requests on time (and accurately). We reserve the right to refuse inclusion of a group for any reason, including too many errors during event submission, late requests, excessive complaints, or other significant problems and obstacles. 

Posted by roderick erikhawley

erikhawley wrote:
That applies to VIG, I was asking about Premier Groups.
Whoops, my apologies. 

Posted by derekguder

Premier groups aren't an application process so much as an invitation for groups that meet certain criteria, largely related to their ticket and attendance data.

I'll be going through that likely in December and posting the list and adjustments then. As always, we may be tweaking the program (sometimes significantly), so you'll just want to wait until then for details.

Though if you have any feedback or ideas, definitely feel free to share them, either here or directly via email.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

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