Submit your events by March 10

All event details are due by March 10, so there are just under two weeks remaining to confirm your plans for the convention this year. Don't forget this is also the deadline to confirm details if you want to rent space to be able to run demos.

If you have any questions about the event submission process or aren't sure how to enter an exciting event idea you have, just ask in our EO/GM forum or and we'll help get you squared away.

It is important to get your event in before the deadline - we do continue to accept late events, but those are not guaranteed to be reviewed or placed before event registration opens on May 6 and that can have a huge impact on your final attendance, as that is when lots of attendees lock in their schedules. Anything submitted after the deadline is reviewed if/when we have the time to do so and may not be ready in time for event registration opening.

If you aren't sure what to run (but you know you want to run something), you might want to check out the list of high demand games from 2017. That is always a good place to start.