Shameless Self Promotion! GM Workshops!
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LoC RPG will be running two awesome workshops for GMs this year. We ran both last year with great success and are excited to work with fellow GMs and GMs-to-be!Our workshops are not seminars: you will be able to come in with nothing and leave with something. Our hands-on approach is super fun, and works for experienced GMs as well as people just getting started.We are running Build a World first. In just two hours, we will guide you through the process of creating a brand new world, and help you flesh it out to create an interesting, challenging, and exciting setting for any campaign.Next is Plot Building. Some GMs plan, some fly by the seat of their pants. Either way, once you leave the workshop, you'll be armed with story ideas and skills to flesh out your existing or hypothetical game! GM Workshop: Build a World
Location: Embassy Suites :: Coronation I

Sat 10am-12noon
Max Players: 30 
Participants will be given resources & guides for how to start building a dynamic, interesting world. You will have a world by the time you leave!GM Workshop: Build Plots
Location: Embassy Suites :: Coronation I

Sat 12noon-2pm
Max Players: 30
This workshop is designed to help GM’s build compelling plots for massive campaigns, individual sessions, and specific characters.Learn more about our group at

Posted by buffythecatslayer

Both of your links point to the same event, 18125544.

These workshops sound interesting, I wish you offered them at more times.

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