John Wick Presents Needs Heroic GMs!
Posted by jwporganizer

All hands on deck! We're looking for heroic GMs to run 7th Sea games for Gen Con 2018. Seeking adventure? Join the crew here!

Details are in the google link, but if you have any questions about volunteering, give us a ping here: [email protected]

Posted by mlg@jwp

Just a bump on this; We're close to having all the GMs for GenCon. Check out for more details.

Posted by swearbear

Hey are you guys going to have a booth in the vendor hall? I checked the interactive map but couldn't find it, maybe I missed it.  

Posted by aaronmlopez

Filled out the form and I am on board to GM! Cannot wait for Gen Con!

Posted by jwporganizer

Thanks for signing up. It's going to be awesome!

And we still need GMs so please give the google form link a click, or email us at the [email protected] address if you have any questions.


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