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I posted in Volunteers as well, but it probably should be in here.

Catalyst Game Labs is seeking a few GM's to help run Shadowrun, Valiant, and a few others. You can run as few as one and get a thanks, or:

8 hours = t-shirt
16 hours = above + badge
24 hours = above + swag
32 hours = above + 1/4 hotel room covered (100%) or cash reimbursement if not taking hotel space

Contact Ray if willing to help! rigel at

He will send you to the appropriate contact, since the minis side is also seeking gm's. I should add that the swag is pretty sweet.

Posted by microwench

Hey there, I know this post is old by forum standards, but with Ray leaving to do the whole 'real job' thing (congrats Ray!) has a new Demo Team lead been chosen yet?  

I really want to volunteer to do SOMETHING for Catalyst (not gm-related, i have never GMed anything, ever) I understand there is a mini-repair table for Battletech?  That would be right up my alley!  I will be in the SR room most of the con anyway, going to see how much SR I can fit into 4 days!

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