Premier Event Groups for 2019
Posted by createncraft

I'm hoping Crafty Gamers makes the cut to be a Premier Event Group for 2019. Is there a date when groups will be notified? And a deadline to fill out the form with Premier Event Group info?

Posted by derekguder

Unfortunately, we will not be continuing the Premier Event Group program. We'll be using another method to highlight featured groups instead.

Derek Guder
Senior Event & Program Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by createncraft

Hey Derek!
Thanks for the update. Is there anything groups need to do to be considered to be featured? I'm travelling a LOT for work in June and don't want to drop the ball on something.

Posted by xsasquatch

I'm definitely interested in hearing about the new "featured" groups program moving forward since I have some big plans for Gen Con 2020. :)

Posted by brendan_14

A shame that the Premier Event Group isn't continuing, but GenCon has more than earned my trust to be a reliable partner. Looking forward to seeing the new system!

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