Rounding Player Hours
Posted by coryphefish

I have an hour and a half event, and it seems to be showing player hours based on a 2.0 multiplier instead of a 1.5 multiplier. Bug or feature? (Posting here instead of emailing because I couldn't find anything in the forums or Event Host policy about this and wanted to clarify for others.)

Posted by derekguder

Depends on your perspective. To simplify the math of a number of things on our back end, the player-hours calculation is done as base price x number of players, which results in situations like this, since the base price is already a rounding up of the duration.

Derek Guder
Senior Event & Program Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by coryphefish

That makes sense, thanks! Really as long as it doesn't get bumped down to a 1.5 rate at the last minute, I'm happy.

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