Hello everyone! On a whim, I submitted an event for Gen Con this year to run a mega game of Thorny Games' Sign and it got approved (woah!). In this event, there will be 4 independent classes (games) of Sign going on, with shared recesses, much like an elementary school with multiple grades of students. I experienced a game like this at Heart of the Deernicorn's Word Play event earlier this year, run by Sign's designers themselves. I wanted to bring this amazing experience to gamers at Gen Con this year.

I will be facilitating one of these games, but I still need three (3) additional facilitators to act as teachers of individual class groups (4 players) and make sure participants are having a good time. If you are attending Gen Con this year and are interested in helping with this silent LARP, please message me. No prior knowledge is required; the game is relatively easy to learn and run. I'm looking for helpful facilitators who are comfortable being quiet and helping gamers have fun. I will also be providing a free copy of the game to facilitators. 

For full information about the event, check out the Gen Con Event Page. Please feel free to message me with any questions or if you'd like to help out. Any and all are welcome! Thank you very much!