Demoing in 24 hour gaming hall
Posted by backspindle boy dave

Hi guys
David here from Backspindle Games Ltd. This is my fourth year as a row. However this year I will not have a booth as our US publishing partners for the last three years have not got a booth.
I am hoping to demo our new release MourneQuest and thought the 24 hour gaming hall would be the correct place.
Please can you let me know if it is?
Have I to book tables, and anything else I have to do please?
Many thanks

Posted by derekguder

The deadline to submit events and rent demo tables was March 10 and this forum is not the venue to inquire about that, either.

Please review the Event Host Policy and if you want to inquire about demo space, email [email protected] with full details and we will review what is still feasible with you.

Derek Guder
Senior Event & Program Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by backspindle boy dave

Apologies. I was not sure. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

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