Communicating Directly With Players
Posted by anlesauk

Is it recommended that we use email to inform our registered players of the direct links to the Roll20 game instances and our Discord server? Also we want to do our best to provide them game information ahead of time. Will there be a Gen Con hosted location for this or do we use direct email?  

During the convention will there be a Looking for Group channel in the Gen Con discord server to handle recruiting last minute players if we don't have enough? 

If we don't get any signups for a game when do we officially call the game?

Will there be a Gen on Discord help desk if our EO has immediate questions or is the events email the best method to use? 

Posted by marimaccadmin

First off, I definitely recommend you review the HOST page, if you have not done so:

It has information that might help you. Specifically, you'll be using the Event Messaging Tool, which will appear on the Event Details page shortly, to send that information to attendees.  It will look like a forum thread, with your message to registered players at top.  That's what you'll use to communicate the actual links to your players.

There will be at least one LFG channel on the Gen Con Discord.

You probably should wait 10-15 minutes post game start to call your game.

There will be some help channels on Discord; what the issue is would determine whether you'd be using the Discord or emailing us.  For instance, in your example above, you'd want to email us letting us know you were ready to run the event, but not enough players showed; that will prevent it from being marked as a GM no show.  If you're having trouble with a specific platform, there will be some channels on Discord which would be helpful for that.  I do not know at this point what sort of Customer Service presence will be on Discord, I can only speak to events.  We will monitor what we can, but for anything that it's probably important we have a record of, you can email us.

Definitely, we'll have more info on the Discord in the future, and it will open before the show.

Marian McBrine
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by tony.ahmartin

Is there any way to get a refund. My computer died this weekend and I cant attend any of my events

Posted by selene314 tony.ahmartin

tony.ahmartin wrote:
Is there any way to get a refund. My computer died this weekend and I cant attend any of my events

You can return tickets up to 30 minutes before the event starts. Email [email protected].
Or what you can do yourself with no processing fee is return them for system credit. I assume you're posting here from a phone. From the hamburger menu click on your name and id#, then "My Schedule", then "Return Tickets."

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