Event Submission - Missed It?
Posted by mockman

Hi all,

Embarrassingly, I got mixed up and thought the event submissions for GenCon Online *began* on June 5, instead of, uh, the deadline being June 5. -_-;; I don't suppose there's still any way to submit an online game?

Thanks and apologies,

Jason Thompson

Posted by austicke

Gen Con Online event submission hasn't started yet.

Posted by derekguder

Details for Gen Con Online event submission will be posted soon - the deadline that just passed was for events at Gen Con Indy - physically at the convention.

You've still got plenty of time :)

Derek Guder
Director of Events
Gen Con LLC

Posted by bruno_matos

Thanks Derek

Posted by mockman

Whooo hoo! :D Thanks Derek! Looking forward to submitting a game or two of Dreamland RPG!

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