Late event review time?
Posted by capt4in

I'm a (hopeful) first-time event organizer. I late-submitted an event early last week and it's still marked as SR ("submitted for review"). I was thinking about running a second one but I wanted to make sure the first submission had no issues before submitting another.

Anyone with experience have an idea of how long it normally takes for a late-submitted event to get looked at and approved or declined?

Posted by derekguder

Honestly, it's hard to predict. It really depends on how much other stuff we have going on and what else we need to take care of.

Now that we are through the rush of events that were submitted on time, we'll be going through late events as time allows. We try to get everything we can live before May 15, but please be patient with us :)

Derek Guder
Director of Events
Gen Con LLC

Posted by gametix39

Did this event get submitted in time? I would like to participate.

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