Sending messages to players
Posted by capt4in

Hi all,

Is there a similar functionality in the EO/GM Dashboard to send messages to registered players like there was last year? (There is another thread about this but it is old and appears to be about last year's funcationality)

I want to send a message to my players about the prize support for my TCG event and also offer players an opportunity to submit their decklists ahead of time via e-mail so I don't have to check all of them at the con.


Posted by austicke

I believe it'll be enabled a couple weeks before the con.

Posted by parm1994 capt4in

[This post has been removed]

Posted by youngold

Actually, I'm newbie and I have no idea.

Posted by noone

Its usually enabled about 2 weeks before the con and is active till about 2 weeks after the con for feed back.  It appears as message tab on the top of event description 

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