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Posted by pelt58021

Never mind. Based on that its impossible for me to get a room. Thanks anyway.

Posted by derekguder

How so? It shouldn't increase the amount of work you need to do during the convention - the only thing we don't do for independent GMs would be to secure rooms for them ahead of time or find roommates for them, but if you have a group of friends (or make an organized gaming group) it should be do-able.

Derek Guder
Senior Event & Program Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by williamj01

Do you have discord account

Posted by sabel

Yes I do SAbel#1889 and my server is https://discord.gg/qySnaC

Posted by kimbam

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Posted by kelley0505

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Posted by hgriffin08

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Posted by japhine

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Posted by blareblare2

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Posted by zalora

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