It's a big one this time.

Sent out a general email to the EO/GM list about event submission, EHP, and some of the discussions in this forum.

If you don't get this email, make sure you're on the list.

Event Submission Opens January 6
Early event submission opens on January 6, 2016, so you'll want to start planning out your schedule so you are ready to go.

The deadline for early submission is February 8, so remember that submission is not first-come, first-served. Take the time to finalize details and get things set up properly - as long as you get things in before February, you're good.

For more details on event submission, visit the Host page.
Event Host Policy Updated for 2016
With event submission around the corner, the Event Host Policy has been updated for 2016 as well. Make sure to read through it to confirm how it will affect your event.

If you have any questions or concerns about the events you would like to run, email [email protected] or visit our new EO/GM forums.

Recruiting More GMs
To help companies and gaming groups recruit more GMs for Gen Con 2016, we are planning to promote recruitment in some email newsletters and social media posts in early 2016, likely in February.

Before then, any company or gaming group interested in potential recruits should make a new threads in the GM forum outlining what you need from volunteers (what games they might run, what hours they might work, etc.) and what you will provide in return (badges, hotels, food, product, etc.) so that attendees know what to expect.

Those threads will serve as initial contact points for recruitment for when we make the general announcement. If you are interested, start your thread sooner rather than later.

Details are in this thread on the forum. If you have other ideas on what we can do to help with recruitment, please comment.

Games with High Unserved Demand
We analyzed the wish list data from 2015 and have put together a list of games that had the most unserved demand - that is, the most tickets in all wish lists above and beyond the actual scheduled spots.

This doesn't translate directly to additional players, but it does show general demand and interest. If you are looking to add more games but aren't sure what might be the best bet, this is a good place to start.

We have this wish list data for all events, so if you want to know the individual demand for each of your events from 2015 so you can plan where to grow in 2016, send an email to [email protected] and we will send it over as a spreadsheet.

If you have any questions, try to post in the appropriate threads to keep conversations together.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC