Contacting Participants Before the Convention
Posted by whhorner

I'm considering submitting an event that would require me to get in touch with participants before the convention in order to take care of preliminary matters. Do event organizers receive the contact information of people who have signed up? Or is it possible to send an email through the events system to provide participants with additional information and instructions for how to contact the event organizer with the information needed?


Posted by marimaccadmin

Event organizers do NOT receive that info.

HOWEVER, when you submit an event, you have the option of players being sent an email when they register.  In that email, you can put a URL or email they need to contact, or whatever info they need.  That's the best way to get a response.  You can't guarantee they will respond, so you should probably have a contingency plan for nonresponsive players just in case.

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Posted by whhorner

Perfect! Thank you!

Posted by jkelly

Is it possible to use the player message function of your game listing after it has been submitted? In other words, can I edit that section of my listing, so it will send a message  to folks who signed up?

Posted by marimaccadmin

Nope.  It will not resend a message to someone who has already registered.  If it's absolutely critical information to the running of the game, Gen Con can contact participants manually, but, it is manual and it takes individual emails, so it does have to be something critical to your game.

Marian McBrine
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Posted by jkelly

It isn't anything mission critical. Thans , though.

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