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Posted by boardcrunch

Could you clear up a little confusion I have after reading the reimbursement policy.

First it states, "Independent GMs and gaming groups may qualify for hotel reimbursement or even complimentary hotel rooms. 800 player-hours are required for a complimentary room. 200 player-hours are required for an individual to be reimbursed for their share (1/4) of a hotel bill. For hotel reimbursement, please refer to the Reimbursement section."

Later, in the section explaining reimbursement, it only speaks of individual reimbursements for hotel, not for the grouped hours.

So, if my scheduled events clear the 800 hour requiremnt, but I only choose to share a room with one person, will I not receive a full reimbursement for the room for Thursday, Friday and Saturday? Will I only receive 25%?


Posted by marimaccadmin

If it is just you, and not a gaming group, you personally can only request reimbursement for 25% of a room, or $50 a night, whichever is lower, for Thur, Fri, and Sat night, and Wed night if you are running a very early Thursday game, for an in block hotel room.  As a single independent GM, that is the most reimbursement you personally can receive for a hotel room, whether you are running the required 200 hours, or more, and no matter how many people you choose to share your room with.

If you room with other independent GMs, and everone's names are on the bill, they can also request reimbursement under the same terms, that is, if they run 200 hours or more.

A complimentary room is only for gaming groups that have a long standing relationship with Gen Con and run 800+ hours, and request one, as noted on pages 18 an 19 of the EHP.

Make sense?


Posted by boardcrunch

I am pretty sure that is not 100% correct, as Derek has previously stated I could apply for multiple badges based on my events for my staff helping TO my events. I was just curious as to how would qualify for the room based on the total hours as well.

Established group can request PREPAID block rooms, which is not what I am requesting.

It was just unclear if I still had to have 4 to the room to receive full reimbursement.

Posted by marimaccadmin

The information I have given you is in fact 100% correct.  You are not understanding the difference between submitting as a single independent GM, and as a group.  In your previous query, Derek informed you that you could submit your events as a GAMING GROUP and could qualify for multiple badges in that manner.

For the hotel, you asked above if YOU personally could receive more than 25% reimbursement for a room.  You personally cannot.  If you submit as a gaming group, and you have 4 individuals staying in that room, and combined in your gaming group you run 800 hours, and you're all on the bill, you EACH can all submit a request for reimbursement.  If you form a gaming group, and you run 800 hours, but only have two people in that room, each of you in that room will get 25% or $50 for 3 or 4 nights, as stated above.  As stated in the EHP, reimbursement is based on 4 person occupancy, and you can certainly choose to book a room in the block and only have two people in it, but that's your choice and each of you, regardless of how many hours you run events, may only be reimbursed for 25% or a maxium of $50 a night for 3 or 4 nights.

Is that a little more clear? 

Posted by derekguder

Marian is correct: hotel reimbursement is always to individuals, and is for a maximum of 25%. We assume that you will have some roommates to cover the cost. If you choose not to, that's up to you.

Hotel reimbursement is provided to help make sure GMs can actually get responsable accomodation, economical at the show, not for necessarily for getting the best room, per se.

For rooms that are complimentary and completely covered by Gen Con ahead of time, we are not as strict in policing the number of guests per room, but that is in part because we haven't run out of GM block inventory in the past. We do place rooms based on names listed, though, so if a room is requested and only one or two names are listed, those requests are placed in single bed rooms instead of doubles, which are in much higher demand.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by teach

The hotel bill is in my husband's name, I am running events, we have different last names, is this going to be an issue for reimbursement of my hotel part since my name is supposed to be on the bill (we obviously have the same address)?  

Kathleen aka Teach 

Posted by derekguder

Yes. We do not issue reimbursements unless your name is on the bill.

Just speak to the hotel and make sure they issue you a copy of the bill with your name on it. It should not be a problem - it doesn't matter who is paying for it, any hotel in the housing block should be able to issue a bill with the name of any confirmed guest on it.

The Event Host Policy is very clear on this, so make sure to check that. If you are concerned, contact your hotel early to confirm.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by jmsetzer

Ok, thanks Derek. We'll make sure to get her name on the bill. --Signed, Teach's Husband :-)

Posted by suburbaknght

Just a point here: some of the bills the hotels print by default only have the first name on the reservation on the bill.  They can easily print another copy with each name on it, but you may have to specially request this.  Plan a few extra minutes at the front desk for this.

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