Question about GMing a game
Posted by steffles

If you GM a game, can you also play or are you expected to just run it?


Posted by grtbrt

In my experience it all depends on the game . If your game needs 4 people to play and only 3 show ,then Yes . But the most important thing is to get the  approval of the players who paid to play . If even 1 objects (or doesn't say yes ) then I wouldn't .Some will view it as unfair of you to play .

Posted by derekguder

Depends on the game and expectations. If you're running a competitive tournament, it would be rather bad form, of course :) And it's difficult with an RPG, since someone has to be the GM, in most cases.

But for casual games, it's perfecgly fine. I would recommend making it clear in the event descirpiton, though, with something "Join me for a game of..." or something similar.

Basically, as long as there isn't the need (or expectation) for an impartial central authority for the game to function, it's ok.

If you have a casual tabletop game you want to make sure you play at Gen Con, this is how I recommend to poeple that they guarantee themselves a seat for.

Derek Guder
Event Manager
Gen Con LLC

Posted by steffles

Thanks.  It would be a cooperative game so that's good to know.


Posted by garhkal

IMO it also depends on what you are playing/gming.  If say a board game like axis and allies, i often have Played in it while teaching it to those who are joining me.  If an RP then usually i stick with just Dming it..

Posted by parody

I generally don't play in the board/card games I run, but I do when needed.  It depends on whether the game would be better if I played (based on how many folks showed up) and how much I can influence the game as an experienced player.

For co-op games, I'd want to be careful to not take over the game and tell everyone what to do.  Let them try things and learn that way.  (The flip side is trying to prevent someone else from taking over the game in the same way.)

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