Ticket Recon (Mostly) Complete
Ticket recon is almost complete - we just have some problems of one kind of another left over: submitted without envelopes, sent in late, game IDs not valid, or some other problems that require investigation. We will be continuing through that process, reaching out to event organizers, over the next week or so.

With the bulk of tickets processed, however, payments will start going out this week (excepting anything in that problem pile). That means this is your last chance to change your payment address before any applicable check it sent out.

Reminder: this is for event ticket payment, not for badge or hotel reimbursement. Those are entirely separate, though we will be processing those shortly as well, and the bulk of badge reimbursements have already been taken care of.

If You Need to Update Your Mailing Address, Let Us Know by Wednesday, Sept 14
If you need to change the address you want event ticket payment sent to, you must [email protected] by Wednesday. All payments are sent to the address specified in your event submissions, not in your account or profile, so check your events directly - you can export your events to view them all in a spreadsheet, where you can easily review details or confirm ticket counts, as well.